ASSIA Newsletter — January 2020

2019 November Newsletter

ASSIA Newsletter — January 2020

As we prepare for 2020 and look back on the year of Wi-Fi’s 20th anniversary, we thought we would take a final look at the highlights of 2019 and look ahead to 2020.

2019: Diverse Technologies

ASSIA finished 2019 very strong as we increased the number of homes for which we manage Wi-Fi by a factor of 10. We worked with our service provider customers to manage and optimize a diverse set of technologies seeing increasing interest in and adoption of:

A timeline of our many other 2019 successes and accomplishments are below.

2020 Initiatives: Revenue-Generating Applications and Standards

In 2020, ASSIA will continue rolling out our solutions that bring together access and in-home Wi-Fi to deliver broadband to the device. Beyond that, we see two significant initiatives for ASSIA in 2020.   

Value-Add Applications
We kicked off 2020 with a jam-packed schedule of meetings at CES. In these meetings we received a lot of interest from application providers—such as parental controls, smart homes, and home security, among others—in partnering with ASSIA due to our ability to ensure strong and stable connectivity to the devices on which their applications rely. We believe our service provider customers will see these application partnerships as a new revenue opportunity. Tuncay Cil, ASSIA Chief Strategy Officer, discussed these applications in his video interview with Wi-Fi Alliance on 2020 Wi-Fi Trends.

In 2020, ASSIA will continue its active contributions to the industry standards bodies and its commitment to support these industry standards. In 2020, we are widening our participation in TIP (Telecom Infra Project) and the prpl Foundation, both of which we joined in 2019. 

We add these to the work we are already doing with the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA), Broadband Forum (BBF), Network Interoperability Consultative Committee (NICC), International Telecommunications Union (ITU), ETST Network Functions Virtualization Industry Specification Group (NFS ISG), and Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA). Links to our Standards papers are below.

2020 Events

In 2020 we will also continue our active participation at industry events as keynote speakers, sponsors, and attendees. During the first half of 2020, we look forward to seeing you at:

2019 Timeline Review

December 2019

Salt Deploys Residential Wi-Fi with ASSIA CloudCheck® Analytics

Wi-Fi Now Awards 2019 in London: ASSIA and TalkTalk Win Best In-Home Wi-Fi Product
November 2019

Broadband Awards 2019 at Broadband World Forum: ASSIA receives "Highly Commended" for Best Wireless Broadband Solution

ASSIA Announces Commande Initiative
October 2019

Dr. Cioffi present at IEEE 5G Summit: 5G and Complementary Wireless Advances for Fast, Reliable Home Wi-Fi

eir Ireland Supplements Residential Wi-Fi with ASSIA CloudCheck® Analytics
September 2019

ASSIA Publishes Guide to Cloud-based Wi-Fi Management Standards

ASSIA publishes ASSIA Participation in Standards Organizations
August 2019

ASSIA supports announcement of Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Data Elements
July 2019

Wireless Broadband Alliance and Wireless Global Congress
June 2019

ASSIA Optimizes Internet Access for Over 50 Million European Households

Tuncay Cil, ASSIA CSO presents at Wi-Fi Now USA: Post-AI Hype Connected Home Management
May 2019

ASSIA announces EasyMesh Strategy in ASSIA is Your EasyMesh Partner
April 2019

TalkTalk Optimizes Residential 
Wi-Fi with ASSIA CloudCheck® Solution

Dr. Cioffi presents Ergodic Sprectrum Management at Wi-Fi Now Shanghai: Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence Delivers Better Wi-Fi Quality of Experience

Dr. Cioffi gives update on TDSL research with Terabit DSLs and Wireless-Dimensionality in the Terahertz Band
March 2019

ASSIA publishes Vision for Wi-Fi Virtualization

Mobile World Congress 19: Mobile and Wi-Fi Convergence
February 2019

Dr. Cioffo Presents AI and the Ubiquitous 1 Gbps Access Network

ASSIA Published Case for Managed Home Wi-Fi blog and whitepaper
January 2019

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