ASSIA Newsletter — March 2020

A periodic update from the company that monitors, diagnoses, and optimizes the QoE for over 125M home internet subscribers served by 38 service providers in 18 countries in 5 continents.

A Standard Cloud Management and Diagnostics Interface (CMDi) for Wi-Fi

By Ken Kerpez, Director of Standards, ASSIA

Carrier-grade Wi-Fi can best be enabled by cloud-based management; diagnostics, configuration, and control. Cloud-based management can allow high-quality and reliable video delivery over Wi-Fi. Cloud-based management systems will accrue all the benefits of virtualization, including ready remote access, rapid upgrades, essentially unlimited storage and computing power, and interoperation with other virtual functions. In particular, large datasets, across many users and long timescales can be used to correlate diagnostics and coordinate control across wide deployments.

ASSIA has been sharing a proposal with the standards bodies to enhance existing standards to manage and control Wi-Fi from the cloud; this is called the Cloud Management and Diagnostics Interface (CMDi). While the current standards such as USP/TR-369 from the Broadband Forum and Wi-Fi Alliance CERTIFIED™ Data Elements are moving in the right direction, additional remote configuration objects, and methods of flexibly reporting aggregated data are needed for carriers to effectively manage the diverse ecosystem of equipment that is involved in consumer Wi-Fi and video over Wi-Fi.

CMDi is a proposal ASSIA is putting forth to enable carriers to seamlessly manage any equipment with any cloud system. For example, advanced multi-user control of multi-antenna/multi-AP systems and multi-AP management across multiple domains which need cloud management to minimize interference between multiple premises. Advanced diagnostics can be enabled by flexibly reporting compressed formats such as histograms and providing expanded datasets for particular on-demand testing needs.

Stay tuned for future updates on ASSIA’s work with the Broadband Forum and Wi-Fi Alliance to address the standardized cloud management of Wi-Fi.


ASSIA is working with several major operators to use ASSIA Expresse to migrate from DSL to GPON and now we are seeing this extend to include XGS-PON.

XGS-PON (X=10, G=Gigabit, S=symmetrical PON), delivers 10 Gb/s in both directions. XGS-PON will allow operators to use the same infrastructure to support a range of residential and business services as well mobile backhaul as cells move further out into the network. ASSIA is extending Expresse to support the new standard (ITU G.9807) functionality.

Stay tuned for more information from ASSIA about our work with XGS-PON.

The Future of the Wi-Fi Ecosystem

With the Wi-Fi market in so much flux, carriers, system vendors, and chipset vendors need to view the Wi-Fi ecosystem as a whole rather than focus on their individual siloes. In this blog, we discuss how the different pieces of the ecosystem can work together and the important role standards can play to deliver interoperability and help all members of the ecosystem decrease their OpEx and increase their revenues and profitability.

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Wi-Fi-ve-G: Convergence or Contention

At FICC 2020 on March 6th, John Cioffi, ASSIA CEO gave a keynote during which he shared his insights on how Wi-Fi and 5-G can converge productively. He discussed how wireless internet access has its data-use volume dominated by Wi-Fi in unlicensed spectra empowering over-the-top applications and their service from any of the billions of locations that terminate wireline internet service in a Wi-Fi access point. While contention protocols attempt to arbitrate Wi-Fi spectrum use, LTE/5G systems leverage licensed cellular infrastructure to plan real-time use to avoid contention, though 5G systems may also be permitted to operate opportunistically in unlicensed spectra in addition to their nominal licensed-spectra operation.

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