ASSIA Newsletter — November 2019

2019 November Newsletter

ASSIA Newsletter — November 2019

A periodic update from the company that optimizes the QoE for over 125M home internet subscribers served by 38 service providers in 18 countries in 5 continents.

Best in-home wi-fi product

ASSIA and its customer TalkTalk were awarded the Wi-Fi Now 2019 Award for the “Best In-Home Wi-Fi Product.” TalkTalk’s game-changing Wi-Fi Hub uses the ASSIA CloudCheck platform to optimize internet to the home and Wi-Fi within the home. The award “honors the vendor creating the in-home Wi-Fi experience that all customers want: Great Wi-Fi in every room of the house for all of your devices, all the time.” The award submission included QoE results from TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub’s use of the CloudCheck platform which performs over 20 million optimizations a day resulting in a:

    • 8% increase in average active throughput on 2.4GHz and 5GHz
    • 20% reduction in Wi-Fi interference
    • 23% increase in the number of stations that mainly operate in 5GHz band
    • 9dBm average RSSI gain
    • 30% of gateways with severe coverage issues had no coverage issues after optimization

Learn More About CloudCheck


A lot of Wi-Fi management and services middleware offerings are emerging, some open source, some tied to specific CPE. ASSIA on the other hand, is and always has been about supporting industry standards to ensure interoperability and prevent our customers from being locked in by previous technology decisions as new technologies and standards emerge. 

ASSIA Commande steadily improves wireless and wireline access networks’ broadband-to-the-device Quality of Experience (QoE). Commande oversees and brings together all of the systems, devices, and links that deliver home internet and Wi-Fi service through best-practice, AI-driven diagnostics, analytics, and optimization from the cloud, including:

    • Middleware
    • Software virtualization systems
    • Customer-premises gateways
    • Application devices
    • Network terminals—regardless of vendor 

True to the ASSIA philosophy, ASSIA Commande enables service providers’ Wi-Fi management solutions to be vendor-independent and interoperate, scale, and evolve with technology and standards.

Learn More About Commande

ASSIA wants its customers to be confident that the investment they make today to improve their internet QoS and home Wi-Fi QoE will not be obsolete in a few years. That is why ASSIA actively participates in standards organizations and contributes to the definition of standards. ASSIA’s participation with standards organizations goes far beyond just attending the meetings. ASSIA actively contributes to these standards by:

    • Researching and innovating technologies
    • Authoring, and co-authoring, standards contributions – over 60 in the past year
    • Helping to define, shape, and evolve the standards for the better

Ken Kerpez, ASSIA Director of Standards, put together two guides with supporting blogs to help ASSIA customers understand the roles of the different standards organizations, the focus of their standards efforts, and how ASSIA supports them.

ASSIA Participation in Standards Bodies

>>> Read the Blog
>>> Download the Paper

Guide to Wi-Fi Management Standards

>>> Read the Blog
>>> Download the Paper


Customers Demand Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi, ASSIA Commande Delivers

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TalkTalk Optimizes Residential Wi-Fi with ASSIA CloudCheck® Solution

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