Redwood City, CA. — June 06, 2018 — Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Incorporated (ASSIA®), the market-leading supplier of broadband and Wi-Fi diagnostic and optimization software solutions to carriers and cable operators, introduces TruSpeed.  This new CloudCheck® software module enables internet service providers (ISP), communications regulators, and wholesalers to gain visibility to true broadband and Wi-Fi throughput across the entire network.  TruSpeed is the only software solution that uses cloud-based machine learning to intelligently monitor and measure both broadband and Wi-Fi speeds while assessing bottlenecks across five key points in the network.   Other solutions only measure broadband speeds (not Wi-Fi), can disrupt subscriber experience, or are constrained by the limited number of measurements gathered across a subset of the network.  This industry-first capability, available only in TruSpeed, is a hardware agnostic solution that leverages ASSIA’s flagship CloudCheck® Wi-Fi and Expresse® patented technologies.

Delivering advertised broadband service speeds by ISPs has become critical in today’s regulatory environment.  Global telecommunications regulators are adopting stringent rules to ensure advertised/minimum broadband speeds are delivered.  Financial consequences for operators are significant including the ability of consumers to exit contracts when commitments are not fulfilled.  The governmental and market need for accurate throughput measurement has become essential to ISPs, wholesalers and communications regulators alike.  TruSpeed enables ISPs to measure the speed of broadband and Wi-Fi networks, providing historical and real-time network-wide visibility and verification of compliance as well as granular and specific detail of subscriber speeds to the end-user’s Wi-Fi devices.  This visibility can also be provided to the subscriber, increasing confidence in his or her network bandwidth.  With TruSpeed software, ISPs can meet compliance requirements and reduce OPEX and churn costs, all while dramatically increasing customer satisfaction.

Other software-based and dedicated hardware-based approaches in the market today cannot accurately measure Wi-Fi throughput, or must rely on limited crowd sourced data samples of the population.  The TruSpeed software solution provides full actual throughput visibility of critical segments of the network and uses ASSIA’s unique agent technology, which discriminates between the different network stakeholders’ responsibility in delivering end-to-end Quality of Service (QoE).   TruSpeed can isolate bottlenecks across any access and subscriber Wi-Fi network.

The TruSpeed agent is already supported by more than 100 platforms and can be deployed on an entire network, allowing fully-automated testing.   ASSIA solutions are currently deployed on over 100 million connections around the world.

Types of Throughput Measurements Performed by TruSpeed software Include:

  1. In-home Wi-Fi throughput measurements initiated by the TruSpeed mobile app
  2. Wi-Fi throughput measured from the CPE by the TruSpeed software agent, which provides accurate, real-time throughput to all devices connected to the CPE without any additional software required
  3. End-to-end throughput measurements initiated by the TruSpeed app to a speed test node
  4. Broadband throughput measured by the TruSpeed agent to a speed test Node
  5. Access Sync/Contracted rate: Broadband sync rate passively collected on access nodes with optional Access Network Data Collector (ANDC)

“Based on customer and regulator inputs, as well as leveraging ASSIA’s expertise and innovation, we are pleased to bring TruSpeed to market,” said Dr. John Cioffi, CEO and Chairman of ASSIA. “Not only does TruSpeed provide full visibility on end-to-end speed, it also identifies individual bottlenecks.

Service providers that require a comprehensive, end-to-end Quality-of-Experience solution can also easily upgrade TruSpeed software to a full CloudCheck Wi-Fi solution at any point in time.  Additional ASSIA services such as Quality of Experience consultancy, network managed solutions (full or partial), and regulator-compliant reporting can be offered as part of the TruSpeed solution.

ASSIA’s CloudCheck® TruSpeed is now available.  For additional information visit or contact ASSIA sales at [email protected] for a demonstration of this technology.

About ASSIA:

ASSIA is a trusted partner with the leading market share of management and optimization software solutions for global broadband and residential access networks. ASSIA’s Expresse® broadband system enables significant operational expense reduction for Internet Service Providers in the areas of subscriber care, of increased customer satisfaction, and of more connections upgrade to higher revenue-generating service tiers. ASSIA’s CloudCheck® Wi-Fi optimization software enables service providers and enterprises to deliver premium digital experiences over residential Wi-Fi networks. ASSIA has more than 100 million broadband households under contract worldwide. Thanks to the company’s product evolution and contributions to broadband standards, ASSIA is poised to help ISPs across the world as they upgrade their networks with next-generation G.Vector and G.Fast standards. For more information, visit

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