REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — October 19th, 2015 — ASSIA, Inc., a leading SaaS solutions company for global enterprise and consumer markets that is helping to make the Internet reliably fast, today announced it has identified the Experience Delivery Network as a primary asset for Internet service providers to run a successful business. The EDN encapsulates the service provider access network, residential gateway, wireless access points, and Wi-Fi-enabled consumer electronic devices in the home, thus creating a delivery path for the digital experiences that consumers crave. Given that people demand continuous connectivity to ensure access to these experiences, the EDN is then the most important digital utility for subscribers in the 21st century.

However, there are a number of critical EDN issues facing service providers worldwide:

  • Subscribers consider Wi-Fi to be an integral part of the ISP’s Internet service, and expect the ISP to correct problems that occur.
  • About 50 percent of home Wi-Fi networks are unstable, and yet ISP’s have no solution for managing them.
  • Broadband access and Wi-Fi networksare constantly changing for performance gains, making it difficult for the NOC, call center and field technicians to address subscriber complaints rapidly and efficiently.
  • Unhappy subscribers result in increased churn and poor brand reputation.

“ASSIA is the world’s leading provider of software solutions to improve reliability and performance of residential broadband services, and that experience enabled us to recognize the importance of the EDN to subscribers,” said ASSIA. “The only way ISP’s can address EDN issues and meet subscriber service expectations is to stop thinking in terms of the access network alone, and respond to the needs of the EDN as a whole, ensuring that it is monitored and optimized in real time, while also recognizing emerging potential problems.”

To ensure that residential subscribers enjoy a high-quality, fast Internet experience, ASSIA has developed a full set of software tools that monitor and optimize the entire EDN to maintain consistent performance. This suite of tools draws on powerful big data analytics and machine learning algorithms that can proactively identify and possibly correct issues before the subscriber is aware of them. Furthermore, advanced diagnostic tools for call center and field service organizations help ensure that diagnosis and repair is fast and accurate, thereby minimizing subscriber impact and maximizing the ISP’s financial performance.

“Subscriber churn is a huge revenue loss and cost problem for operators,” said Julie Kunstler, principal analyst at research firm Ovum. “Operators are under relentless pressure to provide excellent connectivity and performance as their communications infrastructure continues to change, becoming more and more complex. By focusing on optimizing the Experience Delivery Network as a whole, they can deliver fast, reliable and improved services to growing subscriber bases.”

ASSIA is showcasing its current portfolio of EDN products—DSL Expresse, GPON Expresse and Cloudcheck—at Broadband World Forum, currently underway at the ExCel in London. For more information, contact [email protected]

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