Redwood City, CA — May 14, 2018 — Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Incorporated (ASSIA®), the market-leading supplier of broadband and cloud-based Wi-Fi® management software, adds support for multi-access point (AP) devices and forthcoming Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™ products to its CloudCheck® software platform.

“Wi-Fi Alliance® is pleased that ASSIA plans to support Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh in their solution.   Multiple access point systems offer many benefits to service providers, and Wi-Fi EasyMesh delivers an interoperable, standards-based approach which will foster broader service provider adoption and a better Wi-Fi experience for their customers.”  Kevin Robinson, VP of Marketing, Wi-Fi Alliance.

The prevailing wisdom among subscribers – and many operators – is that installation of additional mesh extenders in their home is a panacea for improving subscriber Wi-Fi performance.  Although a straightforward approach to the complex problem of home Wi-Fi management would be ideal, the reality is that home Wi-Fi environments are highly dynamic   and congested, and addressing their challenges requires more than adding extenders alone.

Wi-Fi extenders can provide benefits in many environments, but ASSIA has found deployments of Wi-Fi extenders or multi-AP hardware without a Wi-Fi management solution often results in zero improvement – and in some cases negatively impacts Wi-Fi performance.  This is usually due to a combination of:

  • Improper mesh configuration
  • Poor extender placement
  • Increased Wi-Fi congestion introduced by the additional Wi-Fi extender nodes
  • Ineffective client roaming to additional access points or extenders

The CloudCheck solution is ASSIA’s hardware vendor-agnostic and cloud-based software platform which enables many the world’s most progressive carriers and cable operators to manage and optimize residential subscriber Wi-Fi.  The CloudCheck platform delivers significant call and dispatch savings for operators while driving customer satisfaction up and driving churn down.

The CloudCheck architecture employs a lightweight agent installed in the subscriber’s gateway and communicates with the ASSIA cloud for real-time diagnostics and optimization to enable subscriber self-help, self-healing, and self-install.

“ASSIA’s CloudCheck product has been field proven to deliver best-in-class Wi-Fi management to the world’s leading service providers.  The cloud and agent-based architecture offers the advantages of real-time performance, with the scale and machine learning power of the cloud,“ said Adlane Fellah, Senior Wireless Analyst with Maravedis.

The CloudCheck platform offers additional features to specifically address multi-AP environments and ensure subscribers are benefitting from the additional hardware.  These features include:

Easy Installation
Fast and easy on-boarding and placement of extenders in a subscriber’s home.

Machine Learning Optimization and Diagnostics
Cloud-based heuristic optimization with machine learning for dynamic, network-wide management of multi-AP deployments.

Analytics and Reporting
Historical and real-time analysis of quality-of-experience (“QoE”) metrics such as speed, connectivity, latency, and coverage per home and across the entire operator’s network.

Hardware Agnostic
Supports any vendor, any multi-AP environment, and will support upcoming Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ devices.*

“We are excited to expand our CloudCheck offering to manage multi-AP deployments for global service providers.  Supporting upcoming Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ devices allows us to continue to deliver an advanced and consistent set of Wi-Fi management tools to customer care teams across all classes of devices.” Kevin Mukai, Director of Product Marketing, ASSIA

To learn more about ASSIA® CloudCheck® please visit:

* The CloudCheck solution’s multi-AP support is available today.  CloudCheck will support EasyMesh™ devices upon their release.