Redwood City, CA — September 23, 2019  Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Inc. (ASSIA) and eir have announced the deployment of ASSIA CloudCheck® Analytics including the CloudCheck TruSpeed® solution and CloudCheck Wi-Fi diagnostics modules as part of eir’s game-changing residential Wi-Fi initiatives to improve Quality of Experience  for customers of the largest telecom operator in Ireland. The CloudCheck Analytics cloud-based service improves the Quality of Experience for customers by measuring, diagnosing, and proactively recommending actions to improve and solve in-home Wi-Fi networks’ sudden and recurrent issues using contextual analytics and machine learning. The solution will be offered to all of eir’s residential broadband customers who will be using eir’s new Fibre Box residential gateway.

“In-home Wi-Fi performance is increasingly becoming the primary factor in how a residential customer perceives the quality of service provided by their internet service provider,” said Guillaume Duhaze, Chief Technology Officer, eir. “ASSIA CloudCheck Analytics gives us the additional data and visibility we need to understand the patterns that can affect in-home Wi-Fi performance—and the broadband and Wi-Fi throughput measurement tools provide our customer care agents with accurate visibility to support, quickly solve, and prevent day-to-day problems affecting our customers’ Quality of Experience.”

“eir is a trailblazer in seeing the opportunity to deliver customer satisfaction by taking responsibility for the performance of home Wi-Fi.” said David Stevenson, Chief Revenue Officer, ASSIA. “Their commitment to accurately measure broadband and Wi-Fi speeds, diagnose issues, and proactively maximize network performance aligns perfectly with our mission at ASSIA.”

As part of their CloudCheck Analytics implementation, eir is deploying the CloudCheck TruSpeed® solution, which accurately measures broadband and Wi-Fi speeds within the home, as well as the CloudCheck Wi-Fi Diagnostics modules, which proactively identify issues of coverage and device obsolescence, and make pertinent in-home configuration and load-balancing recommendations to customers and customer care agents to improve Quality Of Experience.

About CloudCheck Software

ASSIA’s CloudCheck Wi-Fi management offering is a hardware-agnostic, software-only solution that monitors, manages, and optimizes home Wi-Fi networks for service providers. Its unique layered architecture, composed of a cloud component that provides performance and scale and a smart agent on the CPE, manages the delivery of broadband to the device at scale. The CloudCheck service uses contextual analytics and machine-learning algorithms to evaluate historical and real-time conditions of the Wi-Fi environments and make automatic, usage-based optimizations that are ideal for each node on the network. Status updates, alerts, and recommendations are available to call center agents via APIs or a mobile app that turns field technicians and subscribers into Wi-Fi “experts” that can provide assisted or self-care. The CloudCheck platform seamlessly integrates with other care workflows and can use external data to make better decisions.

About eir

eir is the principal provider of fixed line telecoms in Ireland as well as the third largest mobile telecoms operator and the sole provider that offers quad-play bundles on an integrated network. eir’s vision is to be at the centre of its clients’ digital world. eir helps its customers work, play and learn, connect everyone and everything, from large cities to small villages. eir is opening up new digital experiences across TV, home phone, mobile and fibre broadband, and are the first company in Ireland to offer all of these services together. Everything eir does is built around its customers who are an essential part of eir’s vision of a brighter, modern and more dynamic future together.

About ASSIA®

Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Incorporated (ASSIA®) develops innovative technologies for service providers that improve internet connectivity worldwide. ASSIA’s market-leading AI-driven solutions make internet connections run faster and more reliably by optimizing the performance of whatever infrastructure is in place, be it copper wires, fiber, or various generations of Wi-Fi including Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. When ASSIA solutions are deployed service providers grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiencies, and deliver new multimedia content to the broadband and Wi-Fi-enabled home and internet subscribers have a better Quality of Experience at an affordable cost. ASSIA is a strategic partner and trusted solutions vendor to over 35 service providers worldwide with more that 125 million broadband and Wi-Fi lines under contract, in 17 countries, across 5 continents. The company is backed by strategic investors including AT&T, Sandalwood Partners, SFR Development, Sofinnova Ventures, Swisscom Ventures, Telefónica, T-Ventures and ValueGate Investments.

Expresse®, ClearView®, and CloudCheck® are registered trademarks of ASSIA.

“ASSIA” is an acronym for “Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Incorporated.”