Network operators are migrating from legacy copper networks to fiber-based passive optical networks (PONs) for many reasons. Fiber networks are more reliable and less vulnerable to weather conditions, which means lower costs. Also, the speed and strength of a fiber network provide an overall better experience for all types of customers.

As providers start to implement fiber, access networks become a mixture of multiple deployment models, which may include fiber-to-the-node (FTTN), fiber-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp), fiber-to-the-basement (FTTB) and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) architectures. Over time, access networks become increasingly challenging to manage. Providers need to remain competitive while keeping costs and resources under control.

GPON Expresse is a management software designed to address the challenges of deploying and operating a multi-platform FTTx network that any service provider can use to reduce complexity in their operations.



A Changing Industry Requires a Modern Solution

The multi-billion-dollar fiber optics industry is growing as service providers search for the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective broadband delivery. Subscribers want more from their internet service providers (ISPs) and that will not change anytime soon. Demand for video, video conferencing, entertainment, and smart home/smart business services is only growing.

Traditional DSL providers have been rapidly shifting to fiber to meet customer demands for better bandwidth. Cable companies are combining fiber to upgrade their existing coaxial networks while telecom providers are upgrading their copper DSL networks. Emerging technologies such as 5G and CBRS are beginning to take hold, offering alternatives to those delivered by legacy providers that have failed to modernize.

With all these shifts come a complexity of network management issues to ensure that the customers get the bandwidth that they are paying for and expecting. GPON Expresse simplifies the complexity of managing the network with a unified, software-defined solution to monitor, diagnose, and address network issues. More visibility, less complexity.

The Importance of Meeting Customer Expectations

Providing premium high-speed services comes with increased customer expectations of performance and reliability, including support for in-home Wi-Fi networks.

To cost-effectively provide the level of service that premium customers demand, carriers are challenged to manage the network to the home and inside the home. Congestion, weak system configurations, or faulty lines, network performance issues can have multiple causes. In the past, solutions often required complex combinations of software and troubleshooting. Without a way to manage services remotely, providers incur higher operating costs such as extra service calls, truck dispatches, and unnecessary hardware replacement.

DSL service providers transitioning to optical are often lulled into a false sense of confidence that those networks “just work,” unlike their copper ones. Generally, this is true initially, but even optical networks age and technical problems start to arise.

Taking a proactive approach to technology management helps service providers establish trust with customers and a track record of reliability. ASSIA systems automatically detect issues that need repair, so the provider can send out field technicians—often well ahead of the time that customers notice and start calling. Having the tools to monitor, diagnose, and fix the inevitable problems before they occur is mission-critical.

It’s 2020. A good internet connection should not only be fast but reliable. Customers who pay for high-speed internet service expect nothing less, and they shouldn’t. Using GPON Expresse is taking a proactive approach to maintaining your access networks and detecting issues before they arise.

CloudCheck™: More Network Visibility, Lower Service Costs

CloudCheck™ product is a software-only solution to monitor, manage, and optimize home Wi-Fi networks for service providers and operators. When customers call service centers, agents can assess and troubleshoot whether the problem is inside a subscriber’s home network or outside. GPON Expresse, combined with CloudCheck™ software, provides full network path visibility and diagnostics, from the exchange to Wi-Fi connected devices, without the extra costs.

Wi-Fi issues can be diagnosed and resolved entirely remotely with CloudCheck™, helping service providers deliver a better experience. Operators also can access quality of experience (QoE) data to optimize network performance as needed or assess service. CloudCheck™ reduces costs for network operators and service providers and provides the visibility and control to ensure a world-class Wi-Fi subscriber experience.

Why ASSIA Internet Software Is Trusted Worldwide by ISPs

ASSIA is a trusted name in the industry for a reason as the company has been providing internet software for service providers since the first fiber-optic systems have been in place. ASSIA has a deep understanding of customer requirements and the purpose that ISPs are expected to serve.

GPON Expresse is only the latest offering of an extensive family of products and services that have been the industry’s backbone for more than 17 years. ASSIA is a strategic partner and trusted solutions vendor to over 35 service providers worldwide with over 125 million broadband and Wi-Fi lines under contract, in 17 countries, across five continents.

ASSIA can streamline your operations and help you deliver a more stable, hassle-free, and cost-effective internet service to your customers whatever infrastructure is in place. Contact us today to learn more.