Redwood City, CA — Oct 18, 2017 Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Inc. (ASSIA®).  ASSIA, the market-leader in software solutions delivering reliable, fast, and optimized home Wi-Fi, announces a partnership with Hitron Technologies Inc., the fastest-growing DOCSIS customer premise equipment (CPE) manufacturer in North America.

Hitron will leverage ASSIA’s CloudCheck platform, currently deployed with several tier-1 operators worldwide, to power their OptiMy™ solution, a turn-key, cloud-based machine learning and big data analytics platform to evaluate historical and real-time conditions of subscriber Wi-Fi environments.  OptiMy™ is able to make automatic network optimizations that ensure peak performance and coverage. Another OptiMy™ benefit is the visibility and control of Wi-Fi environments for the operator and subscriber alike. This empowers users while also enabling technical support agents to quickly and accurately identify Wi-Fi issues.

Hitron’s OptiMy™ leverages CloudCheck’s cloud-based analytics platform through an agent, built into their extensive gateway and Wi-Fi extender portfolio, to offer a complete Wi-Fi management and optimization system. The solution is carrier-grade and customer-focused through their emphasis on being nimble, flexible, and customizable.  This highly-scalable solution allows operators of all sizes to offer visibility and support to care agents and field technicians with recommendations and automated Wi-Fi optimizations for their subscribers to both improve operational efficiency and increase subscriber quality of experience (QoE).  This empowers operators and reduces their support cost by offering subscribers the ability to truly unleash their Wi-Fi.

With “Unleash Your Wi-Fi”, operators have visibility and management capabilities through OptiMy’s web-based user interface as well as offering tools for field tech, known as MyMeter™ and EasyInstall™, that facilitate on-premise gateway and extender placement as well as overall DOCSIS and Wi-Fi troubleshooting.  The Hitron solution also includes a subscriber mobile app, called MyHitron™, that enables end-users to take full advantage of all these functionalities.

This comprehensive solution allows for:

  • Subscriber Wi-Fi self-healing, self-help and self-install
  • Access point (AP) placement guidance and validation
  • Home Wi-Fi visibility for operators
  • Field technician enablement and empowerment
  • Enhanced extender communication

“Customers expect fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout their home. Operators, on their end, are seeking to maximize their hardware investments and minimize support costs, all while improving the quality of experience.  With Hitron’s CPE expertise and pedigree, paired with ASSIA’s CloudCheck software, we have a turn-key solution for service providers to achieve all of these goals.” said Todd Babic, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Hitron Technologies Americas.

“ASSIA’s collaboration with Hitron has truly been a pleasure.  Hitron has a history and culture of market-leading innovation and it is ASSIA’s privilege to work in partnership with them to offer this operator-enabling and subscriber-empowering Wi-Fi solution as a part of their platform,” said ASSIA.

To learn more about Hitron’s “Unleash Your Wi-Fi” and OptiMy™, please visit or see Hitron at the Cable Tech Expo in Denver, CO, from October 17th to the 20th, 2017

About Hitron Technologies

Hitron Technologies Inc. (TPE: 2419) was founded in 1986 and is the parent company of Hitron Technologies Americas Inc. With hardware design, software development, manufacturing, sales and support all in-house, Hitron categorically has the flexibility and agility to meet customers’ unique business needs. Its products include state-of-the art modems, voice and application gateways for homes and businesses as well as network monitoring equipment. For more information, visit


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“ASSIA” is an acronym for “Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment.”