Today’s ISPs face significant challenges supporting their subscribers as the demand for bandwidth and the number of devices connected to Wi-Fi networks explodes. Yet, as we look to imagine the “new normal,” accelerated by the global pandemic, one thing’s for certain: the need for speedy, reliable broadband is here to stay. So, what now?

What matters to subscribers is that the internet works when they need it to. Imagine the frustration of not being able to see or hear participants during a Zoom sales call, or them not being able to hear or see you. When issues like this occur, providers should expect a flood of calls and possibly churn.

In this post we outline the critical capabilities and features that you need on your networks to deliver your subscribers the value, customer experience, and performance they want, while unlocking opportunities for ISP revenue growth.

Deliver the Highest QoE to Your Residential Subscribers

ASSIA CloudCheck® is a software platform that enables operators to manage and optimize residential home Wi-Fi networks and deliver a high Quality-of-Experience (QoE) for their residential subscribers. The CloudCheck layered architecture combines the advantages of both real-time analytics and decision-making with long-term diagnostics and proactive optimization policies in the cloud.

Cloud Intelligent Optimization

Automatic Actions in Real-Time

The system continuously monitors the Wi-Fi environment, adapting to environmental changes, while the server analyzes historical data to create system policies for ideal optimization.

Depending on the specifics of your implementation requirements, a variety of optimization actions can be deployed. Once deployed, automated reporting will provide you with an understanding of the technical benefits from the optimization actions, including before and after comparisons to show the overall interference per interface on the network.

Reactive Customer Care

Empower Your People to Do Great Things for Your Customers

Change starts from within. If your customer care teams have the resources they need to be successful, your customers will too. Customer care teams use CloudCheck to troubleshoot subscriber technical complaints through a rich set of analytics and diagnostic algorithms. CloudCheck provides agents with complete visibility into the subscriber’s home network and helps pinpoint underlying problems affecting performance.

Call agents can troubleshoot connectivity issues with either the CloudCheck Wi-Fi GUI or by pulling data into their own operator monitoring tools via a northbound API (NAPI). With guided flows, agents can assist subscribers to troubleshoot issues themselves. If field technicians are required, they can use the CloudCheck Wi-Fi GUI for verification during install or service validation on repair calls.

Proactive Reporting

Resolve Issues Before Your Customers Call

Proactive Reporting enables operators to take action to improve the subscriber experience, before the subscriber calls to complain. Operators can put programs in place to contact the subscriber proactively and/or utilize the information provided in the complaint. Your program can include tracking results of the proactive outreach program as compared to baseline. We offer a set of off-the-shelf reports to help operators measure how they’ve improved subscribers’ experiences.

Subscriber Control and Self Help

Empower Subscribers To Manage and Troubleshoot Their Home Networks On Their Own

CloudCheck gives subscribers a way to manage and troubleshoot their home networks. Via the ASSIA Mobile App or by building an app via the NAPI, operators can make network changes and limit internet access for children with the simple push of a button. Additionally, more advanced users can avoid the potentially frustrating experience of contacting customer support and troubleshoot issues directly on their own. Service providers can offer uniform functionality across both a mobile app and a web portal using the NAPI.

Operator Internal Analysis Reporting

Provide Your Teams with Data and Insights To Measure Performance

Give your internal technical teams a way to monitor network performance with data and analytics features designed to be combined with other sources of operator data.

Firmware Analysis

QA, Testing and Rollout Analysis

Improves the testing and rollout of new firmware with QA testing automation tools and rollout analysis. Gain insights and visibility to field performance and identify potential issues before pushing firmware out to subscribers. This same analysis can be done to help with other network upgrades to closely monitor customer premises equipment performance.


Raise Alarms When Something’s Wrong To Help You Put Things Right

CloudCheck automatically flags diagnostic changes on a week-to-week basis to identify changes not related to a firmware upgrade. These include network, station, configuration or cloud changes that can benefit from an automated monitoring system. The number of issues identified and resolved through the alerting system should be used as the key metric to track the impact of this feature.

Network-Wide Reporting

Data-Driven Decision Making

CloudCheck’s network-wide reporting capabilities provide decision-makers across your organization with actionable insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) via a set of standard reports designed for specific teams and business functions. These reports will help your teams obtain a deeper understanding of subscribers and drive targeted initiatives within your organization, which you can measure with these reports over time. Your assigned deployment engineer or account manager can help you configure the following reports:


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