On March 26th ASSIA announced that three more major operators recently selected ASSIA as  their Wi-Fi and Broadband Management supplier.

These three operators are rolling out ASSIA solutions in 2018 and beyond, providing for up to 25 Million subscriber lines/households over the next several years, with the opportunity to expand over time.  Once deployed, ASSIA’s total number of managed households will be well over 100 million worldwide.

This included a top tier cable operator in North America and two of the world’s largest Telecom companies with operations in Europe and Latin America.

So why are these well known operators selecting ASSIA over other solutions in the market?

  1. The Solution Works – Proven Technology
    1. Both the Expresse DSL/GPON Broadband and the CloudCheck Wi-Fi solutions have been deployed in volume and provide solid returns for ASSIA’s customers providing for a great experience for each of their home subcribers. Remember this is all ASSIA does.  Hardware companies tend not to be as strong at Software.
  2. Hardware Agnostic
    1. ASSIA’s software solutions can work with virtually any hardward platform. This allows operators to use multiple Gateways or DSLAM suppliers and yet be able to standardize on an single powerful agnostic software platform.  Why would an operator want to deal with having multiple interfaces and solutions for their customer care centers?   ASSIA solves that.
    2. Although some of the hardware vendors have their own solutions, ASSIA is open to working with all hardware supplier to support our customers and to form lasting partnerships.
  3. Real Comparisons Done
    1. Most of our customers have formed rigorous selection processes, including extensive and lengthy evaluation and testing. In all cases the provider ultimately determined that ASSIA’s solution was vastly superior.
  4. Growing markets looking for solutions
    1. Whether it is cleaning up Wi-Fi in the home, which everyone can relate to, or the inpractical highly costly deployment of fibre in some of the largest developed markets in the world, ASSIA solutions allow its customers to focus on growth by conintnuing to levereage its current networks.

ASSIA’s CloudCheck® and Expresse® platforms include the best diagnostics and optimization solutions available on the market today.

ASSIA’s vendor- and hardware-agnostic market-leading CloudCheck® Wi-Fi management solution is becoming the de facto Wi-Fi management solution. ASSIA has already deployed this rapidly-maturing solution at multiple service providers – all of which are improving customer experience while driving down customer support costs.  The cloud-based solution manages and optimizes customer in-home Wi-Fi environments to enable improved performance and facilitate Self-Healing, Self-Help and Self-Install capabilities for the home user.  Based on demand from multiple service providers, ASSIA’s CloudCheck is now supported on over 100 different gateway models from the leading vendors.

ASSIA’s Expresse® product line brings superior diagnostics and optimization of high speed DSL and GPON networks.  Over 30 of the world’s leading telecommunications providers use ASSIA’s technology to drive service costs down and improve customer satisfaction.  A list of ASSIA’s current key customers can be found on the ASSIA web site at: https://assia-inc.com/customers-partners/assia-key-customers/