Products and Services

CloudCheck® – Manage, diagnose and optimize residential home Wi-Fi networks with ASSIA’s market leading and proven cloud-based machine learning software platform. CloudCheck® drives the quality of experience up for the subscriber and operating/support costs down for the service providers.

TruSpeed– Enables internet service providers (ISP), communications regulators, and wholesalers to gain visibility to true broadband and Wi-Fi throughput across the entire network.  TruSpeed is the only software solution that uses cloud-based machine learning to intelligently monitor and measure both broadband and Wi-Fi speeds while assessing bottlenecks across five key points in the network.

DSL Expresse® – Dramatically improves broadband to the home by increasing reliability and performance. This  powerful software solution allows service providers to qualify and optimize each line in their DSL network.

GPON Expresse® – ASSIA’s GPON Expresse extends the Expresse® product family by adding support for Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology and by providing functionality that simplifies the operation of a fiber-based access network.

ClearView® – To support efficient customer service response, ASSIA offers ClearView, a sophisticated recommendation engine designed to improve the productivity of call-center agents and field technicians by providing them with an accurate and concise analysis of the problem faced by the caller and suggesting appropriate next steps to resolve the issue.    This is used in conjunction with the other products listed above.

ASSIA Professional Services – ASSIA’s value-add professional services are designed to help ASSIA customers deploy and leverage the latest advances for optimum business value.

IP & Technology Licensing – ASSIA has an extensive IP & technology portfolio in the areas of broadband, wireless and Wi-Fi.  ASSIA works with parties around the world to create innovative products to improve their broadband, wireless and Wi-Fi services or products.

ASSIA experts are world leaders in delivering broadband and Wi-Fi solutions, and they have contributed extensively to the evolution of access technologies in both industry and academia. Contact us to learn how ASSIA can help you evolve your networks to meet growing consumer demand.

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