Professional Services

ASSIA experts are pioneers in developing and deploying successful broadband and wireless management systems.  With over 30 deployments and more than 100 million subscribers under management world-wide, ASSIA’s engineers can leverage a wealth of experience to help operators achieve their goals. Our value-add professional services are designed to make best use of each operator’s investment in network infrastructure and tools, thereby maximizing subscriber satisfaction and operational efficiencies.  Our analytical, data-driven approach has helped service providers around the world improve customer satisfaction, lower costs, and reduce subscriber churn.

The ASSIA Professional Services portfolio includes:

  • Product Training and Best Practices Implementation
  • Network Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Custom Business Intelligence based on Network Data
  • Process Assessment in a cost-benefit framework
  • Customized troubleshooting
  • Customized development of algorithms and procedures to proactively resolve issues
  • Quality of experience evaluation and management

For more information on how ASSIA can help you improve the performance and business value of your network, contact us today.