ASSIA CloudCheck

The importance of work from home has risen vastly over the past year, and this trend looks to be here to stay. While a user may ignore occasional blips in their “for fun” Internet, work from home requires a whole new level of network performance. Ensuring Wi-Fi QoS is arguably the most important component of such performance, and ASSIA CloudCheck is an ideal system to handle this component.

CloudCheck is the industry’s first platform for remotely managing residential connections to ensure connectivity and performance that enables productive employees. Within the home, CloudCheck runs on certified Wi-Fi gateway hardware and Wi-Fi extenders, in conjunction with a cloud-based management system and a smartphone application that the employee interacts with.

CloudCheck collects and analyzes many Wi-Fi performance-related parameters. ASSIA applies our deep knowledge of communication systems to machine learning algorithms that use these parameters  in CloudCheck to determine “Workput.” Workput is an AI model that learns the true impact of an individual’s bad connectivity across an entire team.

The CloudCheck hardware continually reports status and is controlled through a set of cloud services which include the Workput predictor and monitor, Wi-Fi device management, including telework device prioritization, Multi-WAN management, including controls and policies for QoS, failover and load balancing, and a recommendation engine linked to upgraded services to improve employee productivity. Ensuring work from home prioritization for QoS is crucial to high Workput.

QoS Management

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wireless Multimedia (WMM)™  provides the over-the-air mechanisms to support prioritization, including prioritization of work from home. CloudCheck needs to assign WMM priorities, but how to do this?

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED QoS Management™ simplifies the prioritization and management of latency-sensitive traffic in Wi-Fi networks. Program features enable IP data flows to be classified and mapped to one of four quality of service (QoS) access categories defined by Wi-Fi WMM to help ensure that traffic for real-time applications and services is inserted into queues with higher priority, resulting in a better experience for end-users.

Wi-Fi QoS Management supports Differentiated Service Code Point (DSCP) mapping, which is a marking in the IP packet headers for managing network priority and QoS across the network. ASSIA CloudCheck can classify traffic and map flows into DSCP code points, whereby we identify work-related flows and assign them high priorities. Wi-Fi QoS Management then enables ASSIA CloudCheck to configure the mapping of IP-layer DSCP markings to WMM categories, enabling prioritization and ensuring QoS on Wi-Fi. Thus the essential component of priority across the Wi-Fi link is enabled by Wi-Fi QoS Management.

In addition, CloudCheck can similarly support Mirrored Stream Classification Service (MSCS) to ensure QoS of work applications on client devices across the Wi-Fi link.

CloudCheck can thus use Wi-Fi QoS Management to assign high priority and support end-to-end QoS of Workput flows across the network, particularly across the crucial Wi-Fi link. Cloudcheck also supports other QoS mechanisms and uses QoS parameters to accurately predict a user’s QoE.

CloudCheck and QoS Management

In many households, Wi-Fi is shared between time-critical and performance-oriented work-related flows and more casual traffic. CloudCheck is managing and ensuring work-related flows to ensure high Workput.  Wi-Fi QoS Management was designed to support prioritization of these flows across the critical Wi-Fi link, and Wi-Fi QoS Management is importantly appearing at a most timely moment to enable quality for work from home. Wi-Fi QoS Management enables CloudCheck to take a great step forward, by prioritizing critical workflows.

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