Redwood City, CA — Oct 17, 2016 —  Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Inc. (ASSIA®) Real-Q™ technology achieves accurate, real-time diagnostics and true self-healing of subscriber Wi-Fi networks. Based on ASSIA technology, which has been proven across 80 million subscribers, Real-Q technology provides true real-time visibility and intelligent control that service providers require for improving the quality of subscriber Wi-Fi.

Real-Q technology provides “Beyond-the-Box” visibility and control, extending quality-of-experience (QoE) beyond the gateway to the end-user device to enable self-healing of Wi-Fi for every device in the home.

Real-Q technology is part of ASSIA’s CloudCheck™ self-healing Wi-Fi platform, and uses ASSIA’s patent pending diagnostic and optimization technology to accurately measure Wi-Fi throughput, connectivity, and latency to each connected device. CloudCheck does this without any additional software required on end-user devices. With such accurate measurements and enhanced end-user device visibility, true self-healing networks are now possible.

Less effective approaches typically measure Wi-Fi quality via signal strength or physical layer error rates at the access point or residential gateway. Real-Q™ technology actively measures the throughput, connectivity, and latency to subscriber Wi-Fi devices to accurately assess what the user experiences as content is delivered to their smartphone, laptop, or smart TV.

Based on findings across ASSIA’s global service providers, Real-Q™ technology allows operators to gain accurate intelligence into subscriber Wi-Fi networks. Real-Q can reveal to operators crucial facts about their subscribers including:

  • Noise – Interference and noise affect 50% of subscribers using 2.4GHz.
  • 5GHz Use – Despite the advantages of 5GHz in terms of channel availability, 40% of subscribers never use the 5GHz band on their devices.
  • Coverage – 30% of the subscribers using 5GHz have coverage issues.
  • Dynamic Environment – Due to the dynamic nature of Wi-Fi, an average of one self-healing event per day per subscriber is needed to improve the quality of a user’s Wi-Fi experience.

Wi-Fi is dynamic and constantly changing in the home and a “set and forget” approach to managing Wi-Fi is insufficient. The CloudCheck™ platform with Real-Q™ technology remotely monitors and diagnoses Wi-Fi related problems in the home, and automatically optimizes the throughput, latency, and connectivity to each device.

ASSIA’s Real-Q technology is part of ASSIA’s CloudCheck™ self-healing Wi-Fi platform.  ASSIA’s CloudCheck machine learning cloud architecture performs accurate, real-time analysis, which is correlated against historical detail to make accurate context-based recommendations and deliver automatic network optimizations to operators and subscribers.

ASSIA’s is presenting the CloudCheck™ platform with Real-Q™ technology at Broadband World Forum 2016. Stop by ASSIA booth B20 and we’ll show you how to reduce service calls and customer complaints. Or contact us at [email protected] and we’ll arrange a demonstration for you.

Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Inc. (ASSIA®) is a trusted partner with the leading market share of management and optimization software solutions for global broadband and residential Wi-Fi networks. ASSIA’s Expresse™ broadband system enables Internet Service Provider companies to save significant money on subscriber care, increase customer satisfaction, and launch more revenue-generating service tiers. ASSIA’s CloudCheck™ Wi-Fi system enables enterprise companies to provide, and consumers to enjoy, premium digital experiences over the residential Wi-Fi network. For more information, visit

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