On March 12, 2018, ASSIA announced in a press release that TELUS deployed ASSIA’s market leading CloudCheck Wi-Fi Management solution across their extensive network in Western Canada, including its advanced PureFibre network.

Why is this deployment at TELUS significant and why ASSIA? 

FIRST, TELUS has been a great customer of ASSIA’s as they deployed the company’s Expresse® “broadband to the home” management solution years ago.  TELUS is familiar with the rich history, technology, engineering talent and execution that ASSIA has demonstrated when it comes to the best diagnostic and optimization capabilities.

SECOND, the CloudCheck product allows TELUS call center agents and field technicians to proactively detect and resolve subscriber Wi-Fi issues, while optimizing Wi-Fi performance for their subscribers.  TELUS and its subscribers take advantage of a highly scalable agent-cloud based architecture that provides real-time diagnostics, self-healing, and optimization of Wi-Fi networks.

THIRD, since TELUS engaged with ASSIA in early 2017, they have already broadly deployed the CloudCheck product.  TELUS’s Director of Internet Products and Business Enablement, Mr. Ghani, spoke of ASSIA in a recent press release, in which he graciously said, “ASSIA’s CloudCheck software enables TELUS’ network operations and customer care teams to gain the visibility they need to diagnose and proactively resolve subscriber Wi-Fi issues. The CloudCheck solution allows TELUS to confidently deliver the high-performance, reliable Internet and Wi-Fi services our subscribers expect.”

So, what is ASSIA’s strategy in the Market with CloudCheck?

Many years ago – and well before others – ASSIA recognized the Wi-Fi management need that was developing.  ASSIA’s solid track record over the years with superior management tools for service providers delivering broadband and this early investment has led to a highly mature Wi-Fi management product among a field of less proven/committed products from others.

While competing solutions might be developing the basic functionality, ASSIA is adding new innovative features/improvements from its rich road map and close customer engagements. Service providers invested in the CloudCheck solution understand the challenges will increase over time with the dramatically increased demand for bandwidth and number of connections on home networks, so they want to see a solid foundation today and committed supplier for the long run.

Unlike the suppliers of many of the alternative Wi-Fi management solutions in the market today, ASSIA’s strategy is to only focus on hardware agnostic software. This enables CloudCheck to support virtually any hardware its telco and cable customers wish to deploy.  This vendor agnostic approach was a key differentiator also with the company’s broadband to the home Expresse software platform.

Although several gateway and chipset providers have included Wi-Fi and SON functionality to some degree today or in the past, our customers recognize CloudCheck’s broad feature set and solution maturity. Most also understood that having a single software management platform across an environment which leverages multiple gateway vendors avoids the complexity of multiple management solutions and interfaces in their customer care centers.   A number of these operators have requested that their hardware suppliers work with ASSIA to allow them to standardize on this one CloudCheck platform.   As a result, ASSIA today supports over 100 different gateway models from the market leading suppliers.

ASSIA values its strong relationship with TELUS as well as other operators around the world and looks forward to continuing to work closely with their teams to offer the best Wi-Fi in the industry today and tomorrow.