Computers. Tablets. Voice assistants. Video players. Smartphones. TVs. Gaming consoles. Appliances. The average number of Wi-Fi connected devices in the home continues to grow, as does the demand this puts on internet service providers (ISPs).

Carriers are called upon to deliver fast reliable connections and help manage the performance of the growing number of devices on a network. Rapid changes taking place with work-from-home workforces have further complicated things for ISPs with an increased demand for steady high-bandwidth connections. Internet providers need a solution that makes it easy for customers and ISPs to identify, troubleshoot, and fix problems in the home Wi-Fi network.

Download our free whitepaper, “How to Survive & Thrive in the Smart Home Revolution”, to learn statistics about today’s connected home and how internet software solutions from ASSIA can help ISPs:

  • Increase revenue by offering higher-tiered services that range from bandwidth upgrades to priority settings; and
  • Decrease costs by taking control of the home Wi-Fi with hardware that connects back to the carrier and offers shared performance monitoring and updates.

Learn how your company can provide optimal performance and save money during the smart home revolution.

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