I first met John Cioffi around 10 years ago when we worked together on a National Science Foundation project to improve the United States research and development capability in communications technology.

I immediately respected him as a technologist, a leader, and as a person. In particular, I was impressed that he had found a way to make high-speed broadband available on existing copper-based networks at much longer loop lengths than was previously possible.

John’s discovery was a huge breakthrough for service providers that were wrestling with the high cost of deploying fiber and the technical limits of providing broadband over existing copper lines with long loop lengths.

Fast forward to 2012, and I am delighted to join ASSIA’s board of directors for many reasons. First of all, it is a great opportunity to work with John, whose work I have continued to admire over the years.

Secondly, ASSIA as a company holds the key to improving broadband performance over the most widely installed and cost-effective technologies available for Internet access today: DSL and Wi-Fi.

As demand for high-quality broadband access continues to grow, ASSIA is at the forefront of offering innovative solutions that support this exponential growth effectively and affordably.

Finally, I have always been an advocate for easy access, high performance, healthy competition, and affordability in the worldwide information and communications technologies sector. ASSIA’s mission aligns perfectly with this vision.

As other broadband technology trends come and go, DSL is by far the dominant consumer Internet access medium globally, and that lead will continue for years to come. DSL is also the least expensive solution for Internet access because it leverages existing infrastructure, helping to link society globally and making Internet access widely affordable – two very important goals.

ASSIA not only benefits consumers with high-performance and low-cost DSL access, but the company also helps the operators improve their bottom line. Most large telecommunication service providers around the world have several things in common: they are very important to their countries because they are decades old and deeply embedded in the economy of their societies. Often, they are under intense pressure from regulators to provide broadband at low cost.

As a result, many service providers need to pay high dividends to attract investors. They need a technical advancement that increases financial returns on invested capital in copper lines, similar to the advancements in optical technology that enabled them to send more information over fiber.

ASSIA offers that technical advancement with sophisticated software that enhances the performance of DSL networks so subscribers can enjoy the same online experience as other more costly alternatives.

ASSIA is a unique company with an important mission, and I look forward to a productive, successful relationship with the company for years to come.