Service providers are experiencing traffic patterns and service issues as a result of the almost worldwide lockdown and the working-from-home trend. Higher volumes of data traffic and different usage patterns, such as a 30% increase in uplink traffic, have made it even more important to monitor and address network issues before they impact delivery.

Impact on the Access Network Due to Work-from-Home Requirements

ASSIA has tracked data flows on different networks, and in different countries with varying isolation practices, since the beginning of the pandemic.


Following is a summary of the ways our technology supports reliability and service delivery for customers now, and in the future.

More Visibility, Less Complexity

GPON ExpresseⓇ is a copper-fiber access management platform that allows a seamless transition from managed copper (DSL/Vectoring) to fiber, using the same infrastructure. Along with the Expresse products, GPON Expresse simplifies the complexity of managing the network with a unified, software-defined solution to monitor, diagnose, and address network issues. Service providers and operators, like CenturyLink and Telefonica, trust GPON Expresse to manage their networks proactively and with proven accuracy.

Congestion, weak system configurations, or faulty lines, network performance issues can have multiple causes. Without a unified, software-defined solution to manage service quality, providers incur higher operating costs such as extra service calls, truck dispatches, and unnecessary replacement of hardware.

Unlike other solutions on the market today, GPON Expresse offers:

  1. Continuous and real-time measurement, testing, diagnostics, and analysis.
  2. AI-driven diagnostics and optimization that improve network reliability and performance.
  3. The ability to set Quality of Experience parameters to prioritize actions using aggregated, processed data.
  4. A user interface that presents data in a more user-friendly manner, making diagnosis and resolution simpler and faster.
  5. A stress-tested, scalable solution that can accommodate millions of subscribers and links.

Deliver More, Everywhere

As service providers face even more customer demand for continuity and speed, efficiency and cost control have never been more important. GPON Expresse provides ASSIA customers with a proven solution to monitor, manage, and tune their networks to deliver more to everyone, everywhere. That’s why ASSIA technology is being used to ensure the reliability of internet and home network connectivity on over 120M household connections and devices worldwide.

The next generation of broadband services is increasingly reliant on fiber-based access networks. Access networks are becoming mixtures of multiple deployment models which may include fiber-to-the-node (FTTN), fiber-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp), fiber-to-the-basement (FTTB), and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) architectures.

Service providers can choose how a combination of fiber and copper is deployed in neighborhoods, businesses, and homes. That flexibility, however, can lead to complexity which is why GPON Expresse was built to manage both copper and fiber access networks on the same platform. And, GPON Expresse’s ability to manage the outside plant portion of the access loop can be enhanced with CloudCheck which proactively addresses the Wi-Fi portion of the network, providing an end-to-end monitoring and management solution.

Further, ASSIA’s ability to manage new XGS-PON interfaces is a key contribution to the evolution of optical access. In light of new uses of the access network from COVID-19 work-from-home practices, this technology is even more important today than some months ago because it increases the traffic capacity (10 Gb/s versus 2.4 Gb/s) and also provides the symmetry needed to support downlink and uplink video capabilities that subscribers need.

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