Today’s global service providers are faced with an ever increasing barrage of Wi-Fi related customer care calls.  Operators throughout the world have shared with ASSIA that Wi-Fi problems account for 50% or more of their in-bound customer support inquires.  With an overall objective to significantly reduce the number of these costly customer care engagements while providing visibility and control over the balance, operators require a sophisticated Cloud/Agent based Wi-Fi management solution.

In recent years, operators have come to realize that Cloud/Agent Based Wi-Fi management platforms – such as ASSIA’s CloudCheck solution are required and are vastly superior to TR-069 or other and gateway-based (SON) solutions.  Below we will discuss why the market is embracing this Cloud/Agent architecture.

The Cloud and Wi-Fi Management

The ever increasing demand on Wi-Fi networks in the home today require sophisticated and capable solutions that provide visibility and resolve issues through automated optimization.  Gateway devices simply cannot offer sufficient compute power to perform analysis, nor dedicate nearly enough storage space on board to facilitate optimization.  Such a system requires an agent on the gateway working in harmony with an engine running complex algorithms in the cloud.

CloudCheck was developed as an Cloud/Agent solution from its inception.  This architecture serves as a foundational strength of CloudCheck and enables the solution to excel at Wi-Fi management to some of the world’s most progressive service providers.

Cloud Compute Power

The Cloud – where ASSIA’s CloudCheck Server resides – offers unlimited storage and unlimited compute power.  CloudCheck needs this to:

  1. Collect extensive detail on each subscriber gateways and the numerous laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other nodes connecting to those gateways
  2. Process detail from the CloudCheck agents on gateways and the nodes
  3. Develop histograms for each subscriber gateway
  4. Run numerous CloudCheck algorithms to make recommendations and create an ideal policy to manage each Wi-Fi environment
  5. Enable real-time processing of information
  6. Perform historical analysis
  7. Determine recommendations
  8. Establish optimization actions for each gateway and node in the environment
  9. Calculate Quality of Experience Score
  10. Create user, neighborhood, regional or network-wide reporting

Sophistication & Scale

CloudCheck runs a number of sophisticated algorithms to enable the Wi-Fi management platform.  These algorithms are continually enhanced and require a large amount of compute power.  Operators need the ability to manage on a single subscriber, neighborhood, city, region or a global basis.  The ability of the cloud to house significant amounts historical data for a broad number of subscribers is key – as it makes the data available for analysis.

The more information CloudCheck’s algorithm is fed – the better the result and the greater the accuracy.

Context & Machine Learning

Home Wi-Fi networks are highly dynamic.  The ability to make intelligent recommendations and effective optimization actions are essential for operators to maintain a high quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers.

CloudCheck performs complex real time analysis and compares its findings to the knowledge gained through historical analysis.  CloudCheck gathers and analyzes histogram data across every station on each band of the Wi-Fi gateway.  It juxtaposes this against real-time usage information it receives from the gateway to determines context.  This notion of context allows CloudCheck to be highly effective and extremely accurate in its optimizations.

In our previous blog series,  ASSIA’s Approach to Machine Learning, we discussed how CloudCheck exploits machine learning to improve Wi-Fi Quality of Experience.  The cloud has the scale and power to run AI and machine learning algorithms efficiently while improving the accuracy and effectiveness of optimizations over time.

In comparison, context is simply not possible in a TR-69 or gateway based SON solution.


Although the overall intent is to minimize support calls through optimization, it is essential for operators to have visibility in to subscriber home Wi-Fi environments in order to react to the remaining problems, proactively address issues, and positively impact the Quality of Experience (QoE) of each of their subscribers.  A Cloud/Agent-Based management system is essential in giving real time visibility and historical insight in to a home Wi-Fi environment.

CloudCheck provides real-time visibility to key elements of a subscriber Wi-Fi environment, such as:

  1. Network Up/Down
  2. Device health
  3. CPU Utilization
  4. Broadband speed
  5. Wi-Fi speed for every node in the environment
  6. Deep Analytics of the Wi-Fi environment

Because CloudCheck houses its data in the cloud, it can be leveraged to provide visibility to operator call centers through an ASSIA GUI or through the operator’s existing OSS utilizing CloudCheck APIs.  In addition, a CloudCheck app (or operator enabled custom app) can provide visibility to the home Wi-Fi environment for Operator Field Technicians and Subscribers alike.