November 13, 2019 Redwood City CA  Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Inc. (ASSIA®), the market-leading supplier of AI-driven broadband and Wi-Fi optimization software announced that it and its customer TalkTalk were awarded the Wi-Fi Now 2019 Award for the “Best In-Home Wi-Fi Product.” TalkTalk’s game-changing Wi-Fi Hub uses the ASSIA CloudCheck platform to optimize internet to the home and Wi-Fi within the home. The award “honors the vendor creating the in-home Wi-Fi experience that all consumers want: Great Wi-Fi in every room of the house for all of your devices, all the time.”  The winners of the Wi-Fi Now 2019 Awards were determined by an independent board of judges and announced at the Wi-Fi World Congress International Expo and Conference in London, UK on November 12th.

“ASSIA has always believed that effectively delivering broadband to the device is key for end-user QoE and recognition like this is the result,” said Tuncay Cil, ASSIA chief strategy officer.  “Our vendor-neutral solutions enable service providers like TalkTalk to innovate and select the equipment of their choice, knowing that CloudCheck optimizations will interoperate with future technologies and standards. That is a major reason ASSIA is a significant contributor and participant of standards bodies such as BBWF, WFA, WBA, Prpl, and IEEE.”

Joint Submission with TalkTalk
The award submission was a partnership with ASSIA customer TalkTalk and included QoE results from the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub’s use of the CloudCheck platform which performs over 20 million optimizations a day resulting in a:

  • 8% increase in average active throughput on 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • 20% reduction in Wi-Fi interference
  • 23% increase in the number of stations that mainly operate in 5GHz band
  • 9dBm average RSSI gain
  • 30% of gateways with severe coverage issues had no coverage issues after optimization

Thanks to the continuous data collection and reporting to the CloudCheck platform, particularly troublesome issues such as time-of-day problems, faulty CPE devices, and intermittent annoyances are automatically monitored and diagnosed without the customer having to do anything.

CloudCheck and AI-driven QoE
The CloudCheck platform uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to predict key QoE parameters on individual Wi-Fi links between an AP and device without the need for software probes on both ends of the link. As a result, customers like TalkTalk have real-time and historical views of millions of devices simultaneously and accurately, ensuring optimum performance and diagnostics into the home environment and empowering the end-user with its rich insight.

In addition, the ASSIA CloudCheck platform incorporates new artificial intelligence-based algorithms that relate operational network stability metrics to consumer QoE in its diagnostics and optimization methods. Using operational data (ex: customer call and dispatch rates), the AI-based algorithms run two learning loops for diagnostics and optimization, and both loops work to maintain the maximum stable data rate on a given link.

TalkTalk is the UK’s leading value for money connectivity provider. TalkTalk believes that simple, affordable, reliable, and fair connectivity should be available to everyone. Since entering the market in the early 2000s, TalkTalk has a proud history as an innovative challenger brand. Today, TalkTalk provides landline, broadband, TV, and mobile services to over four million customers. TalkTalk operates Britain’s biggest unbundled broadband network, covering 96% of the population, supplying services to consumers through the TalkTalk brand, to businesses through TalkTalk Business, and by wholesaling to resellers. TalkTalk Group plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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ASSIA recently announced the Commande Initiative that enables service providers’ Wi-Fi management solutions to be vendor-independent and interoperate, scale, and evolve with technology and standards. ASSIA Commande steadily improves wireless and wireline access networks’ broadband-to-the-device Quality of Experience (QoE) through artificial intelligent best-practice diagnostics, analytics, and optimization. Commande oversees and brings together all of the systems, devices, and links that deliver home internet and Wi-Fi service to be monitored, diagnosed, and optimized from the cloud. These include middleware software virtualization systems, customer-premises gateways, application devices, and network terminals—regardless of vendor.

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