ASSIA, Inc. is proud to announce that US President Joseph Biden has awarded our founder and chairman, Dr. John Cioffi, the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. This prestigious honor recognizes Dr. Cioffi for his pioneering work in developing digital subscriber line (DSL) technology that brought high-speed internet access to tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions globally.

Dr. Cioffi’s research in the 1980s led to significant advances in DSL, allowing telephone lines to transmit data at broadband speeds. The innovative artificially intelligent multicarrier methods he introduced for DSL also became the foundation for modern MIMO wireless transmission and cable broadband. These innovations enabled internet service providers to offer affordable high-speed connections using existing telephone infrastructure. This “last mile” technology helped connect homes and small businesses worldwide and made today’s digital world possible.

“John’s technological breakthroughs fundamentally changed how we access the internet,” said Laura Stark, ASSIA Board Member. “His DSL technology helped usher in our modern information age. ASSIA is proud to build on his vision of utilizing AI to optimize internet connectivity and enable people everywhere to participate in the digital economy.”

The National Medal of Technology and Innovation and the National Medal of Science are two of the most prestigious accolades for technological achievement bestowed by the President of the United States. Dr. Cioffi has been recognized with this honor, joining an esteemed group of previous recipients, which includes Silicon Valley pioneers like Bob Kahn, Vint Cerf, Thomas Kailath, and Steve Jobs.
“I’m deeply grateful for this recognition,” said Dr. Cioffi. “The research that led to DSL was only possible thanks to the many brilliant colleagues I collaborated with over the years. I share this honor with them and the dedicated team at ASSIA working to build a smarter, more connected world.”

Dr. Peter Chow, CTO of ASSIA, added, “The collaboration with John has been a transformative journey over the decades for me and many others who’ve helped build the modern internet.”

The medal was officially presented to Dr. Cioffi by President Biden at a White House ceremony on October 24, 2023.

In 2003, Dr. Cioffi founded ASSIA to further develop the management and control software systems that power DSL and other broadband technologies.

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