IP & Technology Licensing

We develop the core technologies that help hardware and software vendors and ISPs around the world create innovative products and services. We maintain an extensive IP & technology portfolio in the areas of:

  • Fixed-line broadband (xDSL, Cable)
  • Wireless (Cellular 4G, 5G, 6G, and Wi-Fi)
  • Internet measurement that enables ISPs to improve their services and regulators to monitor ISP performance
  • Application optimization that helps ISPs identify and proactively improve internet subscriber’s service
  • Cloud virtualization of these services to enable network slicing

IP Licensing

ein Our technology investments enhance our customer’s products and services which in turn helps them deliver the highest quality of experience to their customers. We also provide technology licensing and transfer services for chipset providers and other complementary innovators in those ecosystems.

Customers count on our expertise to provide fundamental, differentiated technology and intellectual property to assist them in building revolutionary products.


We also pursue opportunities with companies to either license technology we have developed for royalties and/or equity or some cases be a strategic investor in companies that are using our technology. Recent examples include the sale of CloudCheck and Expresse to DZS as well as spinning up PhyTunes.


For more information about our licensing, contact us today.